Small Dog Beds

Selecting the right small dog bed for your small or toy breed dog isnīt as simple as just buying any type of bed, and giving it your dog. Along with several special needs that must be taken into account with small dogs, small dogs also tend to have discerning taste, and if many a small dog has turned his or her nose up at a new dog bed, and instead decided that your couch or bed is a much better place to sleep.

There are several types of small dog beds available commercially, each with different features and made in different fabrics and styles. Small dog beds are made specifically for small dogs, and in some cases cats, and as a result are tailored to fit the needs and comfort of small and toy breed dogs.

The two most common types of small dog beds are pillow beds and donut beds. Pillow beds or "loungers" are rectangular or circular shaped, made from various inner materials, and covered in a removable fabric cover. These beds are very comfortable, but many small dogs prefer to nestle into their beds, and pillow beds do not allow for them to do this. Donut beds have pillow fabric built up on the sides, and a lower center portion, allowing the dog to nestle in the "hole" of the donut, and giving them a more secure feeling.

While they are usually marketed more towards cats, tent or "hideaway" beds tend to be a very popular style for toy breed dogs. Many small dogs like to hide in or under things in small places, and these beds allow them to have their own safe and comfortable den to feel secure and sleep in. In addition, these beds are very covered, keeping the dogs toasty warm inside even on cold winter nights.

If you live in a cold climate, or if your toy breed dog tends to get very cold, many small dog beds also can be sold with either thermal fabric (that uses the pets own body heat to heat the bed) or external heat sources to keep your small dog warm.