Heated Dog Beds

Why should you select a heated dog bed for your dog? For the same reason you might choose one for yourself or your family- to keep warm, to keep sore or old joints for becoming stiff, or to keep young ones warm and temperature controlled. Heated dog beds are becoming more commonplace for pets, and there are several styles to choose from that can provide both comfort and safety to your pet.

In older dogs, and dogs suffering from orthopedic problems such as arthritis, low-level heated beds help to prevent joints from stiffening while the pet is asleep, as well as promote blood circulation to soothe and alleviate sore muscles. These heated beds can often be found combined with other orthopedic dog beds, such as beds made from memory foam and egg-crate foam, to provide your pet with the utmost comfort for stiff joints on even the coldest of nights.

Large dogs aren´t the only ones who will enjoy a heated dog bed. Just about all owners of small-breed dogs (ie Chihuahuas) are well aware, many little dogs are perpetually cold and shivering, and make habits out of snuggling deep into the couch cushions or even under the covers of your bed to keep warm. A heated dog bed might be just the ticket you need to get FiFi back into her own bed. Many of the most popular styles of beds for small dogs, such as the den and nest type beds are available heated. Just beware- once your dog realizes she has own personal heated oasis, getting her back out into the real world might get very hard!

Heated dog beds are tremendously helpful for pregnant and nursing dogs, where keeping a warm, temperature-controlled environment can mean the difference between life and death for newborn puppies. These beds take the guesswork out of maintaining proper temperature for the babies, and are a much easier option than microwaving hot water bottles hourly for several weeks! Temperature controls can also ensure that the bed is heated evenly, and never gets too hot for the puppies.

Heated dog beds also come available for outside use, perfect for pets that stay outdoors most or all of the day and night. These beds can be found made to fit into the most common types of outdoor dog houses, with the electronic components carefully constructed to be resistant to adverse weather, as well as virtually impossible for a pet to destroy or get injured on. For outdoor dogs, these heated dog beds are more than just a luxury, they are a necessity in wintertime.