Extra Large Dog Beds

Extra large dog beds are designed to fulfill and support the special needs of large dogs. Dogs over 60lbs are considered large breed dogs, and with their increased size comes several special considerations necessary to ensure their health and longevity. By choosing an extra large dog bed designed with your dogs needs in mind, you can help to maintain your dogs comfort and mobility throughout his or her life.

One of the most common affliction to plague large-breed dogs are bone and joint problems, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, knee problems, and as they get older, arthritis. As the dog ages, these conditions begin to cause more and more problems, and pets often develop stiffness and soreness walking and playing, as well as severe stiffness and even inability to get up after laying down for long periods of time.

Extra large dog beds help to combat these stiffness and soreness problems in several ways. Orthopedic dog beds are made from specialty, human-grade products to help support the joints, contour to the points of the body, and help to decrease pain and inflammation in the joints. Beds made from gel-foam, orthopedic "egg crate" foam and even memory foam are commonplace, and most large breed dogs can benefit greatly from these types of beds. In addition to reducing pain in dogs suffering from arthritis, using an orthopedic dog bed on a young dog can help to minimize and even prevent some forms of joint problems from developing as a dog ages.

Elevated dog beds are a newer type of bed, with many types of construction and design, from miniature couches to suspended hammock-type beds. The idea of these types of beds are to keep older dogs above the cold ground and drafty floor level, also allowing them to get up from laying down more easily, as they are not all the way on the ground. Dogs who have not grown up with this type of bed may take some convincing at first that its a safe place for a dog to sleep, but after an introduction, most dogs decide that the strange look is worth the comfort!

In dogs with severe arthritis conditions and for dogs suffering from much pain and stiffness, heated extra large dog beds can help to alleviate pain, and prevent stiffness in the joints from setting in. In addition, heated beds have been proven to increase circulation in the muscles, tendons, bones and joints, helping to prevent further cartilage damage, and reduce pain.

Choosing an extra large dog bed for your large breed dog is more than just selecting any bed. Paying attention to the special needs and problems of large-breed dogs, the bed you choose can play a large role in keeping your pet happy, healthy and mobile throughout his golden years.