Designer Dog Beds

Doggy couture. Fine luxury collars. Prada pet carriers. The last several years have brought many fine products to the pet market, and designer dog beds are just one of the many fabulous accouterments available to discerning pet owners, and their dogs. Designer dog beds come in all the shapes and sizes that you can imagine- and many more you never would have thought of. What they all have in common is that they are at the same time fashionable for your home, and very comfortable for your pet.

Some designer dog beds are quite simple, made in the same basic styles as most cheap dog beds, but designed from higher quality fabrics on the outside (micro fiber fabric, fleece lining, etc), and high-quality padding such as feather down, or orthopedic gel-foam and memory foam for the ultimate comfort of your pet.

The next level of designer pet beds are beds that are made to look and feel like human beds. Miniature couches and recliners can be special ordered to match the décor in your home. These couches can so perfectly mimic the "real" thing that even the dog who is most convinced that sitting on the human couch is the only way to go can be convinced to use his or her own couch instead. An added bonus to these pet couches is that they are lower to the ground than the human version, making it easier for older pets to get onto the bed, and prevent small pets from jumping up and down from heights, preventing common orthopedic injuries.

Other styles of designer pet beds include beds made from wrought-iron frames, complete with miniature mattresses and colors to suit any color scheme of the home. Along with their classy design style, these beds that sit above ground on a frame are great for keeping pets off of the cold floor, and away from drafts. For small pets, custom throws are also available to help provide extra warmth on the bed.

Designer dog beds are now being made in just about every type and style you could ever imagine, from a well-made, classic style to the most elaborate miniature replicas that can hardly be believed. The sky is the limit when it comes to designer dog beds, and just about anything you could want for a pet bed is available to be customized and delivered to you and your dog.