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May 24, 2010

Get Your Dog Its Own Place to Rest

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Are you annoyed that your dog is constantly perched on the living room couch? Are you sick of constantly reupholstering furniture due to paw marks? Chances are, your dog just needs a comfortable spot where he could get some good old dog-sleep. In this case, it’s high time you get your furry friend a dog bed of his own.

Dog beds have been around since the glory days of Kings and Emperors. As a matter of fact, monarchs with pets almost always provide dog beds fit for prince and princesses. Nowadays, any pet owner who desires to make their pets as comfy as possible can get a dog bed at a good price. However, not anyone can afford to pay for luxurious pet beds. It’s a good thing that there are comparison shopping websites that allow pet owners to get the best deals. How exactly does one get the best deal anyway? Take a look at the following criteria.


To assess the durability of a dog bed, you would need to check the fabric used, as well as how it was manufactured. Check for double stitching. If you are going to shop online, you will not be able to check for snags. What you can do is check on the reputability of the vendor and find out what previous buyers have to say about them. The fabric used for the bed should be able to withstand above-average wear and tear. Note that pet beds just don’t depreciate through time; pets always paw or chew the material. You also have to check on the frame of the bed, if ever there is one. Lighter dogs will not need one with a solid frame – a downy mat or a fully pillow-type bed will do. However, if you have larger dogs, you are going to need dog beds with a sturdier frame, such as wrought iron or hard wood.


Dogs are usually classified into three weight categories – light, medium and heavy. Vendors  offer dog beds in various sizes, to accommodate different breeds and sized, so it wouldn’t be a problem to look for a ‘perfect fit’. Take a look at the product’s specifications, specifically the information regarding width, length and height. Ensure accuracy in measuring and then, get a large dog bed, but not too big, for your pet. Your pets aren’t going to use the beds as a playing field, so it doesn’t have to be very spacious; but it must have a little space for them to stretch out.


A lot of factors are at play when comfort is the keyword. Logic dictates that a larger dog would be more comfortable in a larger dog bed. However, the more important determining factor is padding. It should be well-stuffed for your dog to get a good sleep and to keep your pet’s joints and muscles in tiptop condition. Adequate padding should not be the only thing to think about. If you can afford it, go for lush fabrics. For older dogs with arthritis problems, memory foam dog beds can help.

Durability, comfort, and product size specifications are the deal-makers (or breakers) when it comes to shopping for a dog bed. You can never go wrong with a purchase that would last a long time, and truly functional to boot. So the next time you go shopping for dog beds, keep the criteria in mind.

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