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June 7, 2010

Importance of a Correctly Sized Dog Bed for Your Pup

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It’s common knowledge that dogs require roughly 14 hours of rest each day. Because they are sleeping the better part of the day, you should supply them with a dog bed that will be comfy to rest in. You should be aware that if they do not get enough sleep, they can acquire different health problems plus they may also end up overly aggressive. (more…)

June 2, 2010

Make Your Dog Pretty with a Pink Dog Bed

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You might be asking yourself whether or not dogs really like pink dog beds. Well, they may not understand the fuss; but let’s face it, pink spells excitement. And when you can buy a dog bed that is as comfortable as it is cute, you are able to merge the two criteria of design – features and pizzazz. (more…)

June 1, 2010

Heated Dog Beds: Let Your Dog Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

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Obviously, dogs like the yard. Ever observed how ecstatic they become if you take them for a walk in the park? Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean they love resting outdoors — on the frigid, hard, moist soil. You might also think that your dog appears ok as he/she sleeps on the floor. But the reality is, there exists a wide gap between feeling only fine and becoming really cozy. If your dog slips in for a space on the living room sofa, odds are, he’d like a dog bed, if only you would get one for him. (more…)

May 27, 2010

Large Dog Beds: Just How Big Should They Be?

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Even though there is a big to do concerning high end dog beds for stately dogs and designer dog beds for ’spoiled’ dogs, it is equally important for every single pet owner to supply comfy resting beds for various other breeds for example labs. All these large dogs tend to be keen on hopping on the family room sofa, leaving behind dog scents in addition to fur, not forgetting scratches. Consequently, it might be advisable for the dog owner to look into bigger dog beds – something which your senior dog would certainly have a preference for over the expensive couch. (more…)

May 24, 2010

Get Your Dog Its Own Place to Rest

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Are you annoyed that your dog is constantly perched on the living room couch? Are you sick of constantly reupholstering furniture due to paw marks? Chances are, your dog just needs a comfortable spot where he could get some good old dog-sleep. In this case, it’s high time you get your furry friend a dog bed of his own. (more…)

What Kind of Dog Beds Are Most Comfortable

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With the market for dog beds thriving, one can’t help but think that these beds may just be well worth the hype, as well as the cash. Luxury dog beds can hold their ground as sought-after decorative and fully functional pieces. Orthopedic dog beds have been very useful in keeping the good old family dog happy. When you think about it, it is not surprising that a lot of people are looking to buy sleep-stuff for their pets. (more…)

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