Dog Bed General Info

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes and range from stylish to orthopedic. While styling is important, you should first consider your dog's needs when selecting a dog bed. Read on to learn more about the various dog beds available on the market today.

Types of Dog Beds

Pillow Bed - A classic style dog bed which is usually stuffed with cotton or cedar chips. Come in many different shapes - round, rectangle, oval, square, etc. - and many different sizes. With some beds the covers are even replaceable.

Loungers - More stylish for those looking for a chic look. Some lounger style dog beds even look like mini couches.

Nest Style - As the name implies, these dog beds provide wrap around comfort and warmth for your dog. Typically have a plush inner liner.

Cot Style - These are suspended off the ground like a cot or hammock.

Keys to Buying a Dog Bed

Choosing a Dog Bed for a Large Breed Dog

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